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aurora transformations is a boutique consultancy specialising in commercial excellence and organisational step change.

business advisory

aurora transformations helps organisations successfully navigate life stage evolution by supporting the leadership through change at every level of the business.

Corporate systems health check

– have your systems kept up with your business growth?

Strategy alignment

– what is your competitive strategy and how do you leverage it?

Customer value proposition

– can every employee say why what they do is important to your customer?

Value Chain analysis and recommendations

– do you have the right people in the right places doing the right things?

advisory board expertise

Approved Advisor by the Leadakey foundation

For businesses considering expansion, differentiation or evolution, Advisory Boards provide insight and access to expertise which goes beyond that provided by a business coach, executive network or personal connections.

Sarah Hunter is an Approved Advisor with the Advisory Board Centre, specialising in animal health, agribusiness and the commercialisation of technology.


Guidance and challenge, advice and support: sometimes you need the viewpoint of someone willing to share their knowledge and experience to help you to expand your career horizons.

Our goal is to empower women and men to choose the path less travelled until it becomes a superhighway, with equal access to all and a shared understanding of what it means to walk in the shoes of one another.

A face-on shot of a smiling woman with brunette hair.

Emma Tune

Marketing at Mirotone

Sarah and I met through the Institute of Managers & Leaders (IML) mentoring program and I feel very lucky to have been matched with a mentor who just gets it! She has a great way of getting straight to the heart of an issue and using her extensive experience to point me in the right direction and challenge my thinking around issues and situations. Sarah is very strategic and has a wealth of knowledge and suggested tools and resources that I have found invaluable, as they have helped me to improve processes within the business. After talking to Sarah I always feel that I can put an actionable strategy in place, which is a great feeling!

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Christine Brickenstein


It's rare to come across an inspirational leader such as Sarah. I had the pleasure of being mentored by Sarah as part of the mentoring program at Sydney University. Our conversations have inspired me to think outside the box and to strike a new path. Sarah's calm confidence has become a role model for me and I am grateful for her support throughout this journey. I was particularly impressed by Sarah's ability to relate to industries that are different to her background and the variety of suggestions and guidance she offered me. I would highly recommend Sarah to any mentee looking for a career change, consolidating their management skills or guidance on how to deal with challenging situations in a professional context.